Why should I use Handmade soaps (and other products )?

I am often asked why we should be using handmade soaps .After all ,they ask , isn’t soap a product that washes off ?What are the benefits one gets from using handmade soaps (and other B&B products )?

Have a look at any commercial soap and chances are you will not see the term “Soap” anywhere .The word would be cleverly replaced by “cleansing bar ” ,”beauty bar ” etc .The reason is simple ..soap is a product of saponification process ,in which lye and oils reach to make soap . A soap made by this process requires a minimum period of 4 weeks to cure . Commercial soaps can’t afford this time period ,so they consist of chemical detergents and synthetic lathering agents .Some of these ingredients can irritate your skin ,and cause problems like rashes and drying .

Enter handmade soaps . Made with skin loving oils using cold process or hot process method ,each type turns out unique based on the oils and body butters¬† that are used to make it . Handmade soaps contain glycerin ,which is a byproduct of saponification process .Glycerin is a humectant and draws moisture from the air to your skin ,ensuring it doesn’t go dry .

In addition to amazing oils and butters ,handmade soaps contain other great ingredients like clays ,botanical extracts and essential oils to ensure you get the best out of your bathing experience . What’s not to like ?

Give your skin the love it deserves .Chose a handmade artisan soap.


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