The Skin We are in !

Skin is the largest organ in our body and has around 3 million cells. Isn’t that amazing ?
It protects us from pathogens,helps avoid excessive water loss and regulates the temperature of our body .

Let’s get a few ideas cleared about Skin.
Our Skin comprises of three layers
# Epidermis : The outermost layer
# Dermis : The middle layer.This is where our blood vessels reside
#Subcutaneous :The layer of fat and connective tissue

A number of advertisements and articles talk about chemicals getting absorbed via skin and causing a host of problems . Are these claims true ?
To understand this , we need to understand the concepts of skin penetration and skin absorption.

#If a substance,when applied ,manages to only penetrate the first three layers of skin ,the process is called skin penetration. In this scenario,internal organs remain unaffected.
If however , a substance goes beyond the three layers and gets into the bloodstream ,it may affect the internal organs .This process is skin absorption.

A number studies have shown that chemicals in bath and body products like pthalates and parabens end up in blood tests,which clearly shows these substances are getting absorbed .

While we don’t want to indulge in scare tactics,isn’t it better to stay away and opt for natural products instead ?

Pic courtesy :freepik

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