Charcoal and Tea Tree

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Activated Charcoal pulls out toxins and pollutants from the skin ,leaving it revitalized and nourished .Combined with germ fighting properties of tea tree oil,it is a boon for acne prone and dull skin .


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Ingredients :
Coconut oil ,rice bran oil ,sesame oil ,activated charcoal . Tea tree essential oil.

Ideal for use as a face wash soap .

Usage Directions :
Rub wet bar between wet palms to work out a rich lather. Apply on wet skin. Rub well & rinse with water.
Leave the soap on a well-drained, well-ventilated surface after use to ensure a longer lasting soap .

Shelf life :
One year
Recommend early use as all the ingredients are natural and no preservatives have been added.

Additional Information :
This product is scented only with natural essential oils .Since no artificial fragrance oils are added,the fragrance fades overtime but the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils are retained.

Additional Information
Weight 100 g
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