About us and our handcrafted soaps production

At Earthy Tones, we create handcrafted artisan soaps, butter and other products from scratch following the three principles of veganism, completely natural, and zero waste, which also form our core value system.

We are passionate about our principles as we endeavour to live responsibly so that the future generations inherit a healthier, cleaner, and a more wholesome planet. Every ingredient, including the color and the scent, is chosen with utmost care after in-depth research and analysis to ensure what you get is 100% natural and vegan.

Our soaps are made following the cold process method, so unlike melt and pour soaps, we have complete control over our ingredients. All the ingredients we use are of high quality. Most additives like herbal powders are made by us to ensure there is no adulteration. To ensure no possible cross-contamination, we use pharma grade lye, which is the highest quality of lye available in India.

When you order from us you are sure to get the best. Go ahead and check out our products!

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